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at the numbers. 55 democrats, 45 republicans currently. in 2014, 33 seats will be up for re-election. don't go the way of general elections. congressman frost what do you think is going to happen? >> well, first of all, this is a subject i know a fair amount about. i was chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee in 1998, the last time you had the so-called six year itch when the president's party is supposed to lose seats in the sixth year of the president's term. we actually picked up five seats in the house and we broke even in the senate. but what is happening here is that the republican party actually had this same opportunity in 2010 and 2012 and they nominated candidates that were too far to the right and lost some races they shouldn't have lost that happened in missouri and in indiana and in this last election it happened in delaware and colorado and nevada two years before that we will have to see what happens. if the republican party keeps nominating people too far to the right, they may snatch defeat out of jaws of victory once again. >> interesting you brought up t
congressman learned from the election defeat and why the battle over the president's health care law may just be beginning. >> also, a developing situation in egypt. dozens are dead, nearly two dozen more sentenced to hang. the military struggling to keep order an egypt's president meeting with his top generals. >> rick: the latest in smartphone technology, "consumer reports" is here to tell us which new advances you may want and the costly bells and whistles you should try to avoid. ♪ >> arthel: we begin with the dangerous weather system bringing new troubles, ice and freezing rain making its way across the country, right now. causing serious problems on the roads, drivers are coping the best they can and out right treacherous conditions, there have been thousands of wrecks on highways across the affected areas including north carolina where large sections of i-40 and i-85 have slowed to a crawl. >> i don't think i've ever gotten stuck like this before. >> it is awful. >> you can't drive in it at all. >> it was bumper to bumper. >> scary stuff, no doubt. but it is winter and, even though n
, george w. bush. another poll shows since president obama was re-elected, just a third of voters think he has been more bipartisan. but the majority, 55% say he's been more confrontational. does this mean nothing can really get done that's meaningful in washington to solve our nation's national debt and help the economy? we have a former white house political director under president george w. bush and a former chief of staff to west virginia senator joe mansion. >> great to be here. >> eric: matt, let me start with you. how do we get here? >> well, you know, i think about the president i served, george w. bush. when he came to office, he really was concerned about trying to if i understand a way to reach across the aisle because clearly bill clinton left the presidency with high numbers. he worked with ted kennedy. he worked with democrats and signature domestic policy issues and then 9/11 happened and the wars occurred. really, the nation polarized again, right versus left. i don't think we have come out of that. obama inherited that. but he talked about bridging that and governing in a
treated the president since he's been elected into office and now reelected. now, half of the republican party doesn't believe the president is the citizen of the country-- >> that's not true, that's not true. >> 49% of republicans-- >> and that's the poll, not everybody believes in-- >> i said 49%, i'm not saying all republicans, but that's a significant amount of republicans and if you don't even believe that he is a legitimate leader of the country that's very difficult divide for him to close to govern everyone. i think when he's trying it make a deal with john boehner and republicans led by eric cantor are walking away from the table, i think that's on the republicans and not necessarily the president. and i agree with angela, it's really not his fault. >> kelly: exactly, angela, you said it wasn't his fault. >> right. >> kelly: and you come into the first term and people on the opposite side our definiting, making sure he's a one term president. >> and mitch mcconnell said that. >> kelly: and like president bush, however, president obama continues to make overtures towards bringing
a b grade a good grade for the national rifle association. he has many senators up for election in 2014. he doesn't want to bring gun control votes their opponent can pupil mel them for. i am talking about senator mckargher and mark twakus of montana. they are weary and nervous about stepping into this issue. >> majority leader reed was endorced the national rifle association not in the last election but as you mentioned midterms come upon us very quickly. what does the president actually get do you think? >> i think he has something all of the executive orders he got issued which are relatively mild obviously those will stand. most americans wouldn't have particular objection to them. senator fine stein's bill which if he specifies 150 weapons including shot gurns of all things would be banned i think that has a limited shelf life in the u.s. senate. i think the president will put most of the chips on the background checks. he may get progress there but there's a lot of evidence the existing background check is just a mess. maybe we should have combining a fixing of that with w
we go. hope you are getting from cashin in and we work hard. elected officials are cashing in. folks we are drowning in debt. we'll shout out and hopefully washington lawmakers and state leaders will hear our voice laud and clear. i will see you 5:00 p.m. eastern week dayings. see you next week. deep freeze. the midwest prepares to get iced in . the forecast is coming up. egypt riots. new violence erupts and two dozen people are killed there after the uprising that egyptian thought would bring them democracy. many are wondering what went wrong. rothers and sister in armings. pentagon lifts the band of women on combat. we'll talk to senator john mccain and a woman who played a historic role in putting women on the front line. >> we are launching a new science segment with a look at how asterroadways could be a source of fuel. i am uma pemmaraju from america's news headquarters starting right now. >> the northeast and midatlantic are getting a rude awakening from what is up to now a relatively mild winter. the midwest is bracing for an ice storm threatening to leave cities from st. lou
actiong from washington. >> shannon: i want to ask but the election results there, important elections in israel this week. it seems to be a bit of a split in the knesset. what's your reaction? >> first, i say, prime minister netanyahu will continue to be the prime minister of israel. that's important. but it will not be easy. we need to form a coalition from different parties. it will not be easy to govern. we have to face major challenges, many the issue in iran and the instability in the region. but i am counting on prime minister netanyahu within a month will form a new government in israel. >> shannon: do you think it's possible to have conversations with iran, the international bodies that have engaged iran? do you think it's possible to make negotiations and sanctions at this point? >> i think it is too little, and it's too late. we need to speak with the iranian with the language that they understand. they do not understand the language we speak in israel or the u.s. we need to tell them very clear, if you don't stop building the racketers, we will -- the reactors, we will atta
two years ago. what has happened, the muslimb brotherhood who formed the cabinet mr. morsi elected president is taking it to a to laitarian regime. this is prompting a revolution . >> many people hoped that the military would lead to calm x. bring more of a stability to the nation . we are hearing that the muslim brotherhood has great influence over the military as well >> people don't understand that things have changed in egypt. in the past you had mubarack and military that was western . now the brotherhood over the past year was to change the senior commanders of the military and so they are not independent anymore and can't take action . they do the united states and west will be against them . so what can the u.s. do at this point? >> it is important that the united states will work a dialogue between mr. morce yethe muslim brotherhood. we have done did in burma and many other places, why are we not recognizes a civil society uprise invite the leaders of the civil uprise mr. morce yemoderate between both. >> why is that not happening? >> i think the obama administration has a
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)